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Finch & Finch, Inc. Funeral & Cremation Service has been providing funeral, burial, and cremation services to families in the community of Gladys, VA and the nearby areas. Since 1905, we have been a family-owned and operated business that is proud to be one of the oldest locally-owned funeral homes in Virginia. Funerals are a time to remember the life of someone you love. Therefore, we want to ensure that your loved one receives a dignified and respectful service. We will help you acknowledge the death of your loved ones. We also provide support to friends or family members who are maybe going through hard times after experiencing this tremendously challenging event in their lives. Our experienced staff will work with you to create a service that honors your loved one's life. You can call us at 434-283-1234 for more details,

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It can be a rigorous process to plan a funeral and cremation in Gladys, VA. When you feel the pain and suffering from the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is make pressing decisions. Our planning team at Finch & Finch, Inc. Funeral & Cremation Service can guide you through the funeral arrangement process so that it does not add stress to your plate. Whether you choose funeral or cremation services, our experienced team has straightforward options for you to streamline your precious time.

Transparent Options for Funeral and Cremation in Gladys, VA

  • Funeral Service: Keep things simple with an immediate burial and small graveside ceremony or go all-out for your funeral service. A full-service funeral includes a visitation or viewing before the funeral, where you can choose to open the casket. Then after the funeral, you can invite a select guest list to head over to the burial site for a graveside ceremony. Some funerals end with a reception that includes comforting food, visiting with family you haven’t seen in years, and sharing memories in an open atmosphere.
  • Cremation Service: An affordable cremation can be found in direct cremation and is a respectable and popular way to lay a loved one to rest. In addition, a cremation with a memorial ceremony offers a formal gathering for friends and family to attend and find closure in the loss of their friend. Memorials are more flexible than funerals. You can plan a memorial weeks after the cremation has been performed and not worry about following the burial timeline.
  • Life Celebrations: If you don’t think a traditional funeral and cremation in Gladys, VA, is right for you, that’s okay! There is no one way to throw an end-of-life event. Life celebrations are more casual and lighthearted. You can hold the party outside and have a barbecue as friends and family attend to share memories and celebrate a well-lived life.
  • Funeral Products: Caskets, urns, vaults, memorials, monuments, and more funeral products are sold through the funeral home for your convenience. You can ask to see samples and choose the styles that best fit your budget and family’s style.
  • Grief Therapy Dog on Staff and Grief Resources: We know that the sudden loss of a family member can leave you in shock. During the funeral or memorial services, our Sheepadoodle Maggie is available to stop by and offer comfort to those grieving. Give her a belly rub and enjoy the companionship of our furry friend. As the services wrap up, we know that grief sticks around. Take advantage of our grief resources to guide you through the healing process.
  • Permanent Memorialization: Custom printing for monuments, grave markers, programs, jewelry, tributes, etc., is available through our funeral home. You do not have to take on third-party costs when customization options can be done in-house.
  • Mobile Arrangements and Pre-Planning: Take advantage of our online planning tool for immediate-need funeral or pre-planning funeral services. You can make plans for a death that is years in the future. Write down your wishes for cremation or burial, and choose caskets, urns, and memorial jewelry in advance so that your family does not have to guess what you would have wanted.
  • Veteran Services: We are honored to offer services for those who have served our country and qualify for military honors and veteran services. We can take care of the necessary paperwork and implement any traditions into the programs that you wish. For example, you can have your loved one buried with the American flag. Or you can have bagpipes at your end-of-life ceremony.
  • Pet Cremation and Pet Burial: We cherish our family pets just as any other member of the family, so we offer pet funeral services. Lay your beloved pet to rest by pet cremation or pet burial and hold a service where you can share memories of good times. In addition, you can create customized memorials for your pet that will help you remember their impact for years to come.

Make your end-of-life service memorable and unique with the help of our planning team. We are open to any ideas that you might have. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point to what can be an extraordinary program in honor of your loved one.

Find a Trusted Funeral Home

If you are ready to start pre-planning for funeral and cremation in Gladys, VA, our team at Finch & Finch, Inc. Funeral & Cremation Service can help you get started. You can always count on our friendly employees to brighten your day and get prepared for the future. Your family will be so grateful for your forethought.

Alternatively, if you have just learned about a death in the family, you may feel numb and unsure of what to do next. Our funeral directors are on standby and accustomed to planning funerals on short notice. Let us take care of the details so that you can focus on mourning your loss. 

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Can Cremation Ashes Be Spread Anywhere in Gladys, VA?

Yes, cremation ashes can be spread anywhere in Gladys, VA, as long as the funeral home or crematory has the proper permits. Cremation ashes can also be scattered at sea with a special permit from the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. For more information about scattering cremation ashes in Virginia, you can contact the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality at (757) 518-2000. Or you can check here for some more helpful resources.

Do You Need a Coffin when Choosing Cremation?

No, you don't need a coffin when choosing cremation. A coffin is only required if you are opting for a traditional burial. However, many funeral homes will require that you use a rental casket for the viewing or funeral service prior to cremation. After the viewing or funeral service, the body will be placed in a combustible casket or alternate container and then cremated.

Who Can Decide to Cremate a Body in Gladys, VA?

 Funerals are often a very personal and emotional time for the bereaved. The decision of who can cremate a body in Gladys, VA is ultimately up to the family of the deceased. They may choose to have a funeral home or crematorium handle all the funeral arrangements, or they may choose to take care of everything themselves. If the deceased has stated it in his last will, it will be the first to be followed. However, in rare cases, if the deceased has no family members, then the responsibility goes to the funeral director.