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Animals are wonderfully agreeable friends. They ask so little of us, and give so much love in return. When it comes time for you to let go of your animal companion, making the decisions on how to care for their physical remains can be heart-wrenching.

Many families have the option of burying their small family pet in their back yard. When this is your choice, we suggest that you create a memorial celebration of their life, and of your love. Together with children, neighbors, friends; light a candle, say a prayer, or tell favorite stories of your pet. Make it an occasion to remember.

If that isn’t an option for you, or you choose to do things differently, we’re here to help. We have a selection of cremation options for you to choose from, and a variety of beautiful keepsake jewelry and urns. Our goal is to help you care for your animal companions in the same loving way as you care for the other members of your family.

Private Cremation

A private cremation means your pet is placed in the cremation chamber alone. Upon completion of the cremation, your pet's

cremated remains are removed from the chamber, and returned to you, in an urn of your choice.

Communal Cremation

In a communal cremation, your pet is cremated along with a number of other pets, and the cremated remains are not separated. No cremated remains are returned to you. It is common practice for these cremated remains to be scattered on private land by one of our staff members.

Paws & Remember
Quality Pet Loss Care™

Since 1997, Paws & Remember has been providing a full range of products and services to preserve the memories of pets of every description. Our high-quality personalized urns and keepsakes will help you and your family express your feelings, pay tribute and celebrate your pet’s life.

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