We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

The funeral director was excellent, and the staff were very friendly and courteous and sensitive to the needs of the family and guests. The facilities were spotless and very modern and up to date. The graveside service was very tastefully done, could not have asked for anything better. Thank You for a wonderful experience during a most difficult time.

Danny Myers of Asheboro, North Carolina May 18, 2022

The funeral director was very professional, empathetic, caring and thorough. The staff were responsive, supportive, professional and knowledgeable. The ceremony was very well done and a nice tribute to our mother and your facilities spacious, clean and appropriate. Your services and products are very comprehensive.

David Sodders of Amherst, New Hampshire May 07, 2022

The funeral director was very professional, and kind and the staff were friendly and understanding. The facilities and ceremony were very nice.

Robin Rowland of Gretna, Virginia March 29, 2022

The funeral director and staff were all professional, compassionate, friendly and accommodating. The facilities were clean with very nice decor. The ceremony was very well carried through and was not rushed even with it being held on Christmas Eve. Finch & Finch goes the extra mile to take care of the families wishes and are so kind to do so. They pay attention to detail to make sure everything looks nice and is in proper place.

Teresa Pugh of Chatham, Virginia March 24, 2022

Everything was very good, keep up the good work.

David Law of Glade Hill, Virginia March 16, 2022

The funeral director was friendly, and the staff were courteous and helpful. The facilities were beautiful, and the ceremony was well organized.

JoAnn Shelton of Altavista, Virginia February 19, 2022

Finch & Finch provided excellent service to our family.

Mark Blanks of Lynch Station, Virginia February 04, 2022

Very satisfied with your staff, very professional. Thank you so much for being so kind and understanding.

Gail Ellis of Lynch Station, Virginia January 17, 2022

The funeral director and staff did a great job, and the facilities were very nice and clean. The ceremony was great, thank you for everything you do for our community.

Diane Crouch of Altavista, Virginia December 21, 2021

Trey was very professional, caring and did anything to help us during this difficult time. The funeral staff was very helpful, compassionate and caring. The service was very nice, they took care of communicating with the pastor and playing the music. We appreciated this level of service and care.

Jacqueline Rosser of Rustburg, Virginia December 10, 2021

The funeral director was terrific, accommodated all of our needs and was very compassionate. The staff were all professional and patient with our many questions. The facilities were excellent with plenty of seating. You handled all of our needs, Thank You for everything!

Wayne Gowen & Kim Murray of Altavista, Virginia November 30, 2021

I have known the Finch's for most of my life and they are a wonderful family. The Funeral staff was pleasant and Efficient and the facilities were above average.

Shirley Huff of Huddleston, Virginia October 26, 2021

The Funeral Director was very courteous, friendly and understanding and the staff were very nice. The facilities and ceremony were great. I could not have asked for Randy's funeral to be any better. The funeral home was great, God Bless you all.

Catherine Maddox of Evington, Virginia October 05, 2021

Trey was very friendly and professional. The staff were all a pleasure to work with and the chapel and funeral home itself were excellent. The chapel was perfect for Moms service and was very comfortable. Lynn Marstin provided an excellent sermon.

James Dunn of Alexandria, Virginia September 14, 2021

The Funeral Director was so nice and had patience with us. The staff were very warm hearted and knew how to treat people. The facilities were so clean and the ceremony was very good.

Ella Burton and Jeff Weeks of Rustburg, Virginia August 06, 2021

Trey was amazing and all services were perfect. The funeral staff were helpful, attentive and cordial. I'm very thankful for Jessie helping me with the paperwork. The facilities smell great everything is so clean and the birds give it a nice touch. The graveside service was perfect.

Sarah West of Lynchburg, Virginia June 29, 2021

The entire staff at your facilities were excellent in their help from the pre planning thru the service. Everything was great, certainly exceeded our expectations.

Carolyn deBernard of Rustburg, Virginia May 04, 2021

You and your staff were very professional, sincere, helpful and kind. We truly appreciate all that was done to help the family during our time of sorrow. Thank you all.

Dale & Danny Dillard of Altavista, Virginia April 03, 2021

Megan did a wonderful job. She is very sympathetic, patient and thoughtful. She knows her job and does it well. She's very professional. All of the staff were very polite, friendly and helpful. The ceremony was very good, starting on time and very professional. Facilities are clean, neat and tidy, nothing out of place. Close attention to detail is obvious.

Stefanie Morgan of Concord, Virginia March 25, 2021

Trey was excellent in providing information and guiding our family through this difficult time. The staff were very professional and helpful. We really appreciate the attention to details and allowing us to make it very special & personalized to the memory of Michael. My grandmother, my mother and now my brother have all been provided wonderful care after death for arrangements. Our family is so very thankful for the Finch Family and the services they provide to our community.

Alyssa Crews Kurtz of Concord, Virginia March 12, 2021

Trey was wonderful. He made us feel like family. He is very compassionate and very knowledgeable. The funeral staff was very well organized and super nice. The facilities were very clean and the ceremony was beautiful. First class service, I dread losing a family member but Finch & Finch made the process from arrangement to burial so easy and taking the burden of the planning off.

Edward Merricks of Stony Creek, Virginia March 11, 2021

Very pleased with Finch & Finch and the director and staff. Thank You for everything.

Lynn Crouch of Evington, Virginia February 11, 2021

Trey Finch was professional and treated our family with respect. He was kind and compassionate. He replied to emails in a timely fashion. We were thankful for his patience with us. The facilities were respectful, clean and orderly. We were very pleased with the ceremony. We were thankful it was live streamed and recorded. Trey even provided music for my brother to sing at the last minute.

Nikki Catron February 02, 2021

Our family has always used Finch & Finch. The funeral directors have always been very professional and willing to help with any questions we had. They are knowledgeable and sympathetic with the family. We were very impressed with how well the graveside service went. We love Maggie, the service dog!

Family of Dorothy Parker

The funeral director was friendly, professional and helpful. Very professional and knowledgeable about all facts. So impressed with Jessie and Trey how they communicate and work together. The facilities were great.

Kyle Goldsmith of Lynch Station, Virginia October 27, 2020

The funeral director was excellent and compassionate. Everyone including Megan was great. The facilities were excellent with as much privacy as needed. It was a lovely graveside setup.

Helen Faria of Milledgeville, Georgia October 20, 2020

The funeral director did a great job and the staff was excellent. The facilities were great and we were well pleased with the ceremony.

Carolyn Harris of Chatham, Virginia October 20, 2020

Trey was very supportive and understanding in helping us pick out everything and explained things in detail to help with our decisions. The funeral staff showed care and compassion in every way and were very helpful and thoughtful. The ceremony was organized and carried out appropriately.

Nannie Krantz of Gladys, Virginia October 14, 2020

Trey did a great job and thank you to the staff. The facilities were very nice and you all did a good job on the service.

Sheri Mayhew of Hurt, Virginia September 24, 2020

Thank you for your compassionate service to our family. The funeral staff attention was excellent and the ceremony was very nice.

Shirley Martin Garrett of Gladys, Virginia September 20, 2020

Trey helped me the day of the arrangement and also at the ceremony. He is great, understanding and peaceful. Jessie Layne in the office is such a blessing. She did everything perfect. Kept in touch and added things when we needed. She is amazing! The chapel looked great. My mother's was the first ever cremation service during the COVID and I was very pleased at the set up. The ceremony was really beautiful. Thank you for the care and concern of our family during this virus. I can't stress enough how much Jessie helped me and my sister. She is a true blessing!

Amanda Royer of Altavista, Virginia August 27, 2020

Everyone was nice, especially Megan. I thought the ceremony turned out very nice. Thank You!

Betty Worsham of Long Island, Virginia August 27, 2020

The funeral director and staff were all personable, professional and friendly. The facilities were clean and looked nice. During these COVID-19 times you all made adjustments that were very accommodating.

Teresa Pugh of Chatham, VA June 30, 2020

Your service was amazing and very professional. Appreciated the meeting happening in our home. Service was very nicely done and attention to details.

Gordon Reed of Hurt, Virginia March 10, 2020

Thank You for a job well done. Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated. Excellent service. This is the third time I have worked with you each time is a very pleasant experience, under sad time. The staff was excellent. The ceremony was simple and nice just as he was it honored him just the wat he wanted.

Sharon Rowland of Gretna, Virginia February 18, 2020

The funeral director and staff were wonderful. The facilities are always beautiful and the ceremony was perfect. No suggestions just a HUGE God Bless and Thank You all for the kindness, understanding and professionalism shown to myself & family and not to forget your beautiful Maggie Mae.

June Burton of Altavista, Virginia February 05, 2020

Wonderful Family! Great professionalism and would recommend Finch & Finch to everyone. Thank You for everything.

Laurie Gossler of Forest, Virginia January 14, 2020

I have known Rob and his family many years, their attention and care of your loved one is amazing. The staff were friendly and caring. The facilities are always inviting and clean. Being local they know everyone and that makes it very special.

Rhonda Reynolds of Hurt, Virginia December 03, 2019

The funeral director did a great job and was very professional. The staff were excellent. The facilities were clean, neat and respectable. The ceremony was just as dad had requested, thanks for the prepay option it made everything go smoothly.

Donald Tucker, Jr. of Calera, Alabama November 11, 2019

Trey was wonderful. Everything was in place for the ceremony and the graveside service was without any problem issues. A wonderful hands on and personal funeral home. Always putting the needs of family and community first.

Susan West of Winston Salem, NC October 28, 2019

Trey has been great to work with.

Lisa Dawson of Rustburg, Virginia October 14, 2019

Trey and Rob are the best, so considerate, kind, friendly and professional. You covered all the bases. Such a comfort at a difficult time. Jessie is so sweet and completely thorough. She handled all the details so completely and quickly. She does a great job and is an asset to the business. The facilities were beautiful and comfortable. The ceremony was wonderful, we could not have asked for better and we know that it pleased our mother. Our cousin in Florida was so impressed with the material on your website! She said she had never seen one so well done and with so much helpful information.

Yvonne Mitchell of Altavista, Virginia August 15, 2019

The funeral director was professional and courteous and the staff was helpful. It was a beautiful service.

Lydia Baber of Gladys, Virginia August 10, 2019

The funeral director and staff were excellent, Jessie was wonderful and very knowledgeable, you have a jewel. The facilities were very accommodating. The ceremony was very professional all our needs were met. Keep up the outstanding professional work.

Katherine Logwood of Evington, Virginia August 02, 2019

Everything was excellent and I loved Maggie.

Jennifer Drake of Glen Allen, Virginia July 29, 2019

Recently I lost my beloved pet “Rosie”. I was recommended to contact Finch and Finch for our cremation needs for her. I would like to thank everyone there for making this terrible task a little easier. Her cremation was returned beautifully. I couldn’t have been happier. Thank you Finch and Finch staff and Paws and Remember forever for a beautiful job. I will never take my pets anywhere else. Sincerely, Pam Taylor & Dwight Fishlock “Rosies” Mommy and Daddy

Pam Taylor July 02, 2019

Trey Finch did an excellent job, he was compassionate and detail oriented. The funeral staff was helpful and courteous, and the building was tasteful, organized and inviting. The ceremony was wonderful!

Rita Frazier of Altavista, Virginia June 12, 2019

Trey was very professional, caring and sensitive. Well done!

Dale & Lisa Moore of Altavista, Virginia May 28, 2019

The funeral directors were excellent and answered all questions and the staff was very courteous and attended to every detail. The ceremony was well organized and went as planned.

Nancy Wilson of Hurt, Virginia April 11, 2019

A heartfelt thanks from my family to yours for so graciously posting Dru's obituary and memorial service info on the Finch and Finch website. I have said this before, but it needs repeating: (Unfortunately), I have had the opportunity to attend funerals all over our country, and have been inside various funeral homes and had exchanges and services with different directors. Finch and Finch has always been the standard to which I compare others and I can sincerely say none other I have had experience with come close to the quality of professionalism and service that Finch and Finch provides. Kudos to you, and service appreciation from my family and community for continuing a tradition of quality and respect. Thanks again for helping our family and for remaining a trustworthy asset to our community.

Anita Phillips of Altavista, Virginia February 11, 2019

Our family was well pleased with the service we received for our brother, James Morris Dews. Finch & Finch gives exceptional service.

Sarah Brooks of Rustburg, Virginia February 07, 2019

Trey was awesome, very compassionate and helpful. He took his time and really helped us through the process. The funeral staff was very compassionate and helpful and professional as well. The facilities were pristine and the ceremony was perfect, we were provided with everything we needed. I have only positive things to say about the service our family received. I will forever be grateful for the kindness and care provided to us in our time of need. Thank You.

Wanda Burton of Lynchburg, Virginia February 04, 2019

I was very pleased at this time of need. Thanks

Louis Ponzi January 24, 2019

The Funeral Director was perfect! All People, Facilities, & Services were above all expectations. Thank You!

Donna Sawyer of Lynchburg, Virginia January 08, 2019

The funeral director and facilities were great.

The Irby family of Hurt, Virginia September 06, 2018

The funeral director paid attention to every detail, was helpful, personable and friendly. The funeral staff were exceptional, so helpful when you are grief stricken. The facilities were very nice and comfortable and the ceremony was outstanding. Thank you to all for helping me and my family through this difficult process.

Lucinda Jewell of Altavista, Virginia August 21, 2018

The funeral director was very nice and informative. The funeral staff and facilities were great. Very satisfied with everything all staff were very nice and they did a great job.

Nora Mattox of Lynch Station, VA July 17, 2018

Trey was wonderful and the ceremony was lovely.

Linda Neddeau of Altavista, VA June 27, 2018

I've attended funerals throughout Virginia and several other states, but none would come anywhere close to the professional, first-rate & dignified level of Finch & Finch over the years.

Brian Sisk of Altavista, VA June 19, 2018

The funeral director was excellent, and the funeral staff were professional and very attentive to family needs. The facilities and ceremony were excellent.

Iris Carson of Evington, VA June 11, 2018

Rob Finch went way beyond the call of duty, he was informative and kept us up to date on all details. The funeral staff was friendly and so welcoming. We almost felt like we were their family, thank you all so much. The facilities were very clean. The ceremony was beautiful, everything you could have thought of they had already done. This type of work is never easy but you all took time with us and made it so peaceful. Thank you all so much.

The Kirkpatrick Family of Chesapeake, VA May 24, 2018

The funeral director was professional, polite and caring. The funeral staff and the facilities were very nice.

Susan Wade of Evington, VA May 16, 2018

Trey came into our home, very professional, understanding and walked us through what to expect. The funeral staff were courteous and helpful. Love, love, love the newly redecorated rooms, looks awesome. The ceremony was outstanding.

Mary Woodie of Lynchburg, VA May 01, 2018

Very Proud of Rob and Trey. The funeral staff and facilities were excellent.

Leonard Brown of Rustburg, VA March 23, 2018

The Funeral Director and staff were great and the facilities were impressive. We have always been pleased with Finch & Finch.

Carolyn Hollie of Lynchburg, VA March 20, 2018

Rob treated our family and Mom with such respect. He guided our family through every aspect of the service. Everyone has been great! They made a very difficult time easier. The ceremony was perfect. Thanks to all of you for everything you did for Mom & Dad and for our family, Mama looked beautiful.

Dana Pennington of Martinsville, VA February 27, 2018

Thank you for all that you have done!

Dale Dillard of Altavista, VA February 27, 2018

"Excellent in all areas. Every thing was done very professionally."

Paul and Jean Vankerckhove of Lynch Station, VA January 19, 2018

"Trey Finch went above and beyond. He was a comfort in the horrible situation our family was facing."

Buddy and Juanita Hudson November 07, 2017

"All the staff was most caring and willing to assist in any needs. The facilities are very adequate; accommodations and appearance are most adequate and there is plenty of parking."

Jimmy Pittard of Lynchburg October 04, 2017

" Our funeral director was very professional and attentive to our family and our needs. He went way beyond the call of duty."

Corinthia Sells of Chesapeake, VA August 23, 2017

"You all were so gracious and wonderful to us. Thank you so much!"

Wanda Goodman of Altavista July 10, 2017

"Kind, clear explanation of all of the services needed. Friendly, efficient and well informed staff and the facilities were clean and neat. My treatment of all expenses was honest and fair."

Elaine Ferguson of Altavista July 11, 2017

"Trey was so wonderful when we lost PaPa. We could not have asked for anyone better."

The Cox family of Evington April 20, 2017

"Very professional. Our families will continue to use Finch and Finch based on previous experiences."

Gwen Logwood of Gretna April 20, 2017

"Everyone was excellent in their service to our family during this time"

Curtis Keesee, Jr. of Hurt March 15, 2017

"All anyone could want. Highly recommend to anyone"

Robert Phillips of Evington March 08, 2017

"I could not be more impressed or pleased with Trey. He is a valuable asset to your company. Everyone was so very thoughtful, caring, helpful and courteous is the key word. The facilities are spotless! So very thankful and impressed with how smooth and easy everything went. My father and mother's services were both top notch and professional, but at the same time respectful and very courteous. Could not ask for more!"

Dennis Shirlen of Altavista February 17, 2017

"Everyone was wonderful and helpful, kind and compassionate. There is nothing like a small town. I was not lost in a crowd of people who did not know my family. Thank you for everything."

Branda Carper of Atlanta, GA January 25, 2017

We were treated with love and respect. Trey Finch was very caring with our feelings. Always guiding and never pushing. Thank you for such wonderful service you provided for the Shirlen family. We cannot begin to thank you enough or sing enough praises to you and the staff.

Celeste Shirlen of Altavista December 20, 2016

"A funeral is always hard no matter what, but add that the planner lives 2.5 hours away. As soon as my mother became ill I started the preplanning with Trey & Rob. I could not have asked for anyone to have been more kind, understanding and patience. A lot had to be handled over the phone & email back and forth but Trey was awesome. All of the staff was wonderful. Trey even went the extra mile to help me with after the service event I was having trouble with. I really can't say enough about the way things were done. All of my family was very pleased. Thank you for everything!"

Elizabeth Ann Green Shelton of Richmond November 29, 2016

"The funeral director was very kind and knowledgeable. The facilities were very clean and we really like the remodel. The ceremony went well and was very organized."

Karla Eure of Lynch Station October 14, 2016

"Very pleased with everything; very comfortable & calming facilities"

Robert & Sherrie Simpson of Hurt September 06, 2016

The funeral director was "very professional, concerned, went the extra mile to contact other family members, polite and very helpful." The ceremony was "very organized and allowed us to celebrate the life of our loved one."

Samantha Moon of Gladys August 16, 2016

"Very comfortable facilities. We appreciate the coffee, water and availability of snacks. My father didn't want any ceremony or memorial. I appreciate that the funeral director & staff respected that & didn't try to push any additional service. I think that their were more than enough products to chose from to meet the needs of different people. Much more than I expected. Your business has always been very considerate and professional."

Lindy Stewart of Hurt July 21, 2016

"Finch & Finch was the absolute right choice for our family. You provided exactly the right balance between being professional and personal. Especial thanks to Trey for all he did to assist us."

Butch Carr of Altavista April 17, 2016

The funeral director "showed compassion, quite professional and in my case had lots of patience..." The facilities are "absolutely lovely and welcoming, and has a calming atmosphere..." "Thank you so much for all you do for your kindness and compassion at a difficult time."

Donna Billingsley Lowitzki of Altavista April 03, 2016

"Rob as always was excellent. (Staff) Friendly, compassionate and great. (Facilities) Best looking business in Altavista and always has been... Thank you for making a difficult time easier"

Pamela Knight of Glen Allen March 16, 2016

"Rob is great. Kevin did an excellent job visiting with us and explaining certain information... Have received so many compliments about the service and how meaningful and special it was."

Betty Hunley of Lynch Station March 07, 2016

"Trey went above & beyond to make the process as easy as possible, Kevin was also very helpful with getting the process started."

Pamela Malo of Waverly Hall, GA January 24, 2016

"The family is well pleased with the way everything was handled"

Louise Williams of Altavista December 10, 2015

"Everyone was thoughtful, kind and caring. Awesome staff. Sharon was really helpful... I could not have asked for anything more everything from visitation, video and ceremony, was done beautiful. Keep doing what you all are doing. May God Bless you all."

Theresa Worsham of Long Island November 29, 2015

"Kevin is excellent at what he does. He served us when Mama passed and we requested him this time - kind, compassionate and caring. Facilities are excellent inside and out."

Lee Waller of Gretna November 13, 2015

"Finch & Finch has respectfully service 4 members in our family, that is one reason we continue to use you, but also because of the wonderful & respectful staff. Thank You"

Billie Smith Brinkley of Hurt September 24, 2015

"Everything was great! Thanks again for everything!"

Mike Claybrook of Gladys August 09, 2015

"Thanks for the excellent service. It was a pleasure for all!"

Robert McClanahan of Woodside, NY July 16, 2015

"Everyone at the funeral home did a wonderful job. I wouldn't have changed one thing. Thanks to all of you."

Rachel Beeler of Forest April 25, 2015

"Thank you for the great job you all did."

Judy Steadman & Family of Lynchburg September 25, 2014

"We were very pleased with everyone at the funeral home and how well you took care of our mother. Thanks so much!"

Wanda Amos of Hurt July 07, 2014

"Everything was top-notch!!"

Joyce, Jarrod & Marlo Henderson of Lynch Station May 21, 2014

"We could not have hoped for a better director. Kevin was professional, patient, sympathetic and very easy to work with. The office staff and other staff were very caring and professional. The facilities were beautiful. The ceremony was very well organized and conducted. We were very pleased with the way everything was handled. We can't express how much we were pleased with our director, Kevin."

Alexander Hamlett of Gladys April 19, 2014

“I really want to thank Finch & Finch for the very caring and personable way you treated my brother and I. I know you do this for a living and have to deal with death every day but your staff still treated us like we were very close friends and really cared about me and my family. Our mother meant the world to my brother and I, and she gave up her whole life to raise us and never once did we feel unwanted or unloved by her; so the respect and friendly atmosphere, Finch & Finch, provided for her was very important to us.” “Finch & Finch, has really done an excellent job for my family and I. We really want to thank you for that. I really had no idea what to do after my mother’s funeral, so the checklist and important phone numbers you sent following the service was a great help as well. It really gave me a place to start.” “Again, thanks to Finch & Finch for treating us like real people and not like another sale, because our mother was very special to us and we really felt like she was in good hands.”

Stephanie Viar of Lynchburg March 11, 2014

"I would like to say that everyone was extremely sensitive to the situation. They were very professional and extremely helpful.

Ray Conner of Forest February 07, 2014

"Again, may thanks to all who worker with my mom, I got so many comments on how well she looked! Thanks Again!"

Carolyn Owen of Pittsville February 02, 2014

"Funeral Director was very attentive, very clear of processes and what to expect. Ceremony was conducted in a very professional manner."

Carol Willis of Lynchburg January 17, 2014

"Trey Finch did a wonderful job helping us through a difficult time. The funeral home is beautiful inside and out. Several of my family members commented on that. The ceremony was just as we had envisioned. My overall experience was wonderful dealing with every aspect of my husband's passing and memorial service."

Vicki Wilson of Gladys January 05, 2014

Dear Trey and Staff, I personally want to thank you all for the outstanding job you did for us. Your professionalism and personal touches were a great comfort to us. Working with you was easy and you all made us feel comfortable at this difficult time. Your kindness will always be remembered. Daddy would have been very pleased. Thank You again and God Bless.

Vicky Martin of Hurt, Virginia May 18, 2022

Everything and everyone were absolutely amazing to work with!

The Watson Family of Hurt, Virginia May 04, 2022

The funeral director and staff were excellent- Jessie is wonderful and very professional. The facilities and ceremony were excellent.

Linda Eubanks of Altavista, Virginia March 24, 2022

The funeral director was the one person who made everything go so smoothly. During such a sad time for me, your staff made a difficult time much easier to handle, thanks so much. Our family members were impressed with your staff and funeral-thank you all with your care and attention given to each detail.

Bonnie Frazier of Rustburg, Virginia March 18, 2022

Everything has been great and there isn't anything that I could suggest changing for all the staff.

Mary Dziabas of Hurt, Virginia March 16, 2022

The funeral director was informative, available and very helpful. The funeral staff were very kind, accommodating and compassionate. The flexibility and help with the ceremony were very thoughtful and comforting and extremely helpful in this very difficult time. Thank you for the best for our loved one.

Cheryl Piquette of Moneta, Virginia February 04, 2022

Everyone was excellent, professional, courteous, polite, sympathetic and supportive. The facilities were great. The ceremony was very well done from the video to the service being streamed and recorded for those who could not attend. Keep up the good work in this unfortunate time of peoples lives.

Chuck Floeck of King George, Virginia January 22, 2022

Thank You Trey for always being very professional with a warm and caring heart. The funeral staff were kind, polite and caring. Although our ceremony was somewhat different, the staff, especially Megan was so caring and accommodating. I know she will be sorely missed.

Carol Dodson and Joyce Henderson of Forest, Virginia December 27, 2021

Trey had excellent service. I could not have asked for a more compassionate and caring person in this time. The staff was extremely sympathetic and friendly. The facilities are very nice, and the ceremony was perfect, my mom would have been very pleased. Trey was as caring as a family member and Jess helped me with paperwork. Everyone was extremely caring.

Linda Keesee of Altavista, Virginia December 15, 2021

Everything was wonderful.

Curtis Cox, Jr. of Evington, Virginia December 04, 2021

Thank you Rob for your excellent care in handling Elvin's services. Thank you Jessie for all of your excellent help!

Perry & Beth Brockwell of Hurt, Virginia November 03, 2021

Rob is always friendly and very helpful. All the funeral staff were great. Jessie is exceptional!! She went above and beyond to help me.

Diane Belinski of Lynch Station, Virginia October 13, 2021

The staff was very thoughtful, generous with their time and thorough. We appreciate all they did. Thank You.

Dana Owen of Forest, Virginia September 14, 2021

The two ladies that served me were courteous and professional. Everything was fine, no complaints.

John Webber of Rustburg, Virginia August 13, 2021

Everything was great, thank you for all you have done.

Dolores Smith of Altavista, Virginia July 05, 2021

The funeral director gave us excellent service as always. The staff were friendly, helpful and professional. The facilities and ceremony were excellent. Finch & Finch has been our family funeral home for three generations, they have always met all needs. Families can always trust them.

Garland Cothran of North Chesterfield, Virginia May 18, 2021

Trey was fantastic! Thank you for your services and flexibility, due to the weather. I appreciate your guidance during my fathers passing.

Kelly Wichman of Chesterfield, Virginia April 06, 2021

All of you are amazing, you should be proud of the service you provide. The facilities are exceptional. Keep up the great work, the personal attention is far and above.

Barbara Young of Williston, Vermont March 25, 2021

Thank you to the funeral director, well done. It all felt very caring and personal. The funeral staff was very prompt, courteous and professional and the ceremony was well done.

Andy Moore of Altavista, Virginia March 18, 2021

The funeral director is very helpful and personable as well as the staff. The facilities were clean and well kept and the ceremony was very professional as always.

Dana Mosebrook of Gladys, Virginia March 11, 2021

The Funeral Director was informative and the staff was courteous. The facilities were clean.

Stacey Childress of Gladys, Virginia March 01, 2021

Our Funeral Director was quite personable, professional, as well as quite caring. The funeral Staff were very considerate when they came to get mama. The facilities were beautiful. Despite the pandemic, everything fell into place and was wonderful.

Joyce Henderson February 11, 2021

"Like father, like son"-- I have only known two of the funeral directors and they are both outstanding. There is none better! The facilities are beautiful, there's a feeling of warmth and welcome. Our family was treated with love and kindness. On one of the worst days of your life, Finch & Finch goes out of their way to ease your heart.

Wandalyn Boley of Manassas December 17, 2020

Funeral directors were always attentive, patient, informative, and very professional, polite, even going out of their way to accommodate the family. The facilities wee immaculate inside as well as outside. Every detail of the ceremony was carried out as requested.

Ora Blanks December 09, 2020

The funeral director, staff and facilities were great. The ceremony and all services provided were great. We were very pleased with everything and will continue to give Finch & Finch our business.

Joe Barbour, Jr. of Hurt , Virginia October 26, 2020

The funeral director was very professional, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and respectful. I liked the idea of having a dog to help grieving families. The facilities were very nice inside and out, much bigger inside than looks, everything was very clean. The style of the rooms were very nice and bright, really liked the birds!! We had many comments on how nice the ceremony was. You all did and excellent job of helping us through this difficult time. It ran very smoothly. Dad would have given his approval.

Stefanie Morgan of Concord, Virginia October 20, 2020

Trey did an excellent job working with our family during the preparation of Billy's Funeral. He was sensitive to our needs and gave us time to think through our plans. Rob sent follow up information about the grieving process which has been helpful to me. All of the staff was kind and thoughtful in dealing with us. They were flexible in working with us on changes or our need to drop by for more information. The facilities were clean and inviting as well as easy for out of town guest to find. The ceremony was wonderful. We were able to enjoy the celebration of Billy's life in the church while offering both inside and outside safety for the family and friends attending Billy's funeral. Thank You to the entire Finch & Finch staff. It was a comfort to know I could entrust my precious Billy with you. Even though it was a difficult time for me, I felt a peace that he was in good hands.

Libby Monroe of Gladys, Virginia October 19, 2020

The funeral director and staff were very helpful and courteous. The facilities couldn't have been any better and the ceremony was the way I wanted it.

Rosa Turner of Evington, Virginia October 09, 2020

I just want to say thank you so much to Trey for everything you did, even though it was a rough time you made it easy as possible. Jessie is awesome she helped us in anyway possible and answered all questions. The facilities were very clean and neat.

Crystal Mays September 24, 2020

The funeral director did a great job and the staff was on point. Everything was very clean and neat and the ceremony was very well planned.

William Pennington, Sr. of Altavista, Virginia September 20, 2020

Everything was great.

Jesse Puryear of Gladys, Virginia August 27, 2020

Trey was very understanding and polite. He is very caring in making sure everything is exactly as you want it to be and we thank him so very much. The facilities were very nice and the ceremony was beautiful. I could not ask for anything else.

Donna Retzlaff of Long Island, Virginia August 27, 2020

The funeral director, staff and the facilities were all excellent.

Dee Smith of Altavist, Virginia June 05, 2020

Very good service from all.

Raphael Edmond of Hurt, Virginia February 21, 2020

Trey did an excellent job!

Douglas Hall of Hurt, Virginia February 17, 2020

The funeral director and staff were excellent and the facilities are always excellent. Love Finch & Finch, always good service.

Mary Robertson of Hurt, Virginia January 14, 2020

Dear Trey, Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for your professionalism, your ability to make us feel as comfortable as possible under sad circumstances, your kindness, your persistence & determination in making every aspect of dads funeral as perfect as possible, and your genuine caring spirit. Our pastor even commented to us that in all the funerals he had preached that there had been none where the funeral home staff gave so much attention to detail and the family taken care of so well. We deeply appreciate all that you did. Thank You so much! You made it so much easier! - The family of Charles Nichols

The Family of Charles Nichols, Evington, Virginia December 07, 2019

All Staff were professional, friendly and caring. Thank You!

Louis Pierucci of Altavista, Virginia November 27, 2019

From the first visit to the last, the service given to us was excellent. Watching my mom leave her home for the last time was very difficult but the personal yet professional way she was taken made it easier. Something as simple yet heartwarming was the quilt she was covered with. It is things like that, that can make a difference at a time of great sadness. My moms appearance was amazing and made the days that followed her death easier. Trey did an excellent job. The entire staff was friendly, helpful and so kind to us. The facility was immaculate. The ceremony for our loved one was at her church, the funeral staff was there every second to help us and walk us thru every step that day. The personal family feeling is just what we needed during that time. Thank you so much. Our small town is blessed to have Finch & Finch Funeral & Cremation Service. It is evident that this priority is to give personal, professional service to families at a very difficult time.

Tonya Tweedy of Lynch Station, VA October 30, 2019

Thank You for the beautiful bouquet. But more importantly your far above & beyond expertise, professionalism, kindness, and attention to the tiniest detail. You made our time of sorrow much less stressful. I have had many experiences of laying loved ones to rest. None come close to the experience I had with the Finch staff. Every single one was superlative. Trey - you are the best.

Donald Tucker, Jr. of Alabama October 21, 2019

We were very appreciative of the way you handled all the details for us and walked us through planning the funeral. You were very professional and caring.

James Maddox of Hurt, Virginia September 09, 2019

Our Funeral Director was personable, well organized and efficient. The funeral staff was very helpful and the facilities were well appointed. The ceremony was very nice and organized.

Tom & Sandy Gossler of Forest, Virginia August 15, 2019

Trey & Rob were both amazing. We are very grateful for them and their professionalism.

Carroll Moon of Lynchburg, Virginia August 02, 2019

Rob & Trey did an outstanding job assisting us during this very difficult time. All the staff at Finch's were super nice and ready to help in any way needed. Jessie did an outstanding job of assisting me in filing insurance claims and paperwork. Excellent Facilities and very well organized for visitation. The Finch's did a great job for the funeral service of our dear loved one. My great granddaughters loved Maggie! She is a very nice addition to your staff. I loved the tri-fold colored programs, very nice remembrance and keepsake for family and friends.

Emily Mayhew of Hurt, Virginia July 30, 2019

Trey's compassion and professionalism was outstanding. He was easy to work with and ensured that all requests were met. The ceremony was exactly as requested.

Wendell Austin of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina July 29, 2019

Rob & Trey Finch did an excellent job of helping and supporting my family through the entire funeral process. Their planning and attention to details helped provide a fitting tribute to my mother and make a positive impression for those attending her service. I could not be more pleased with their professionalism and sincere compassion.

Todd Hall of Rustburg, Virginia June 24, 2019

Trey, I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in preparing for Michael's service. It seemed you knew just what I wanted and made everything run smoothly. I really appreciate everything and your kindness.

Iris Keesee of Altavista, Virginia May 28, 2019

Thank you for the kind and professional way you approached and followed through with every detail of my mother's funeral. You have families and their care at heart, and that is shown by the many things you do to take the stress off of the family at an already difficult time. While Mom was in Autumn Care, we worked with Mr. Rob, and he explained so patiently what we needed to do to make things simpler later on. When mom passed, March 24, we worked mostly with Trey Finch and Jessie Layne. They were both so wonderful in doing everything we asked of them without complaint. Everyone was courteous friendly, and helpful. We are animal lovers, so it was comforting to have Maggie close by. We have worked with a lot of funeral homes in different states in 48 years of ministry, but we have not seen any that would compare with your excellence and care. So many people noticed and complimented the professional way you handled all the details, the aesthetic beauty of your business, and the wonderful way you cared for our family. Your work is truly a ministry. From Our Hearts Don & Jackie Baldwin

Jackie Baldwin of Fayateville, North Carolina April 17, 2019

Very professional but also at the same time showed compassion for us. Everyone was very kind and friendly to us, professional and also very patient. The Facilities and Ceremony were nice. Couldn't have asked for a better experience in our time of need. Would like to thank everyone for all of this help through all of this.

Brenda Hancok of Lynchburg, Virginia February 15, 2019

The funeral staff was excellent. My Mothers service was held in your chapel, Excellent service. Also I appreciated the Christmas memorial Service. Very Impressive.

Marjorie Adams of Altavista, Virginia February 07, 2019

Every member of the staff that we met was extremely kind, courteous and respectful of our family/ family wishes. The facilities were very clean and provided more than what was expected. We could not thank you all for all that you have done in a time like this. We appreciated how well thought out and planned every detail was!

Tiffany Owen of Lynchburg, Virginia February 07, 2019

"I would like to take the time to let you know that we were very pleased with the services provided by you. All of the staff were excellent to work with. Very professional and courteous throughout. That means a lot to a family when they go through such difficult times. Even the office staff was very helpful in record keeping and keeping the family informed. Very happy to have had service done by Finch and Finch. Thank you all very much for what you do."

Michael Hansen of Lynch Station, Virginia January 26, 2019

The Funeral Staff are always professional and goes above expectations. I can't think of anything that would have made our experience better.

Brandi Shirlen of Altavista, Virginia January 08, 2019

Trey was very professional and pleasant to work with. We truly appreciate his willingness to accommodate our family. Overall we had an excellent experience with Finch & Finch. We would certainly recommend your company.

The family of Ellis W. Roakes, of Nathalie, Virginia September 11, 2018

Altavista is fortunate to have you all in my personal opinion.

David Bayse of Hurt, Virginia August 31, 2018

Everything was great.

Phyllis Kidd of Glade Spring, VA August 16, 2018

Funeral Director, staff, facilities, ceremony were excellent. Many comments on the service being so perfectly organized.

The Lukin Family of Altavista, VA July 02, 2018

We were very pleased with the care that was given to Dad. Thank you so much.

Lynn Crouch of Evington, VA June 21, 2018

Trey, you are certainly a good fit for continuing a tradition that was started so long ago, I'm sure your grandfather, Bob, is very proud of you! Thank you for your kindness and help through this difficult time.

Jackie Meeks of Forest, VA June 14, 2018

The funeral director was excellent, very patient and helpful and the funeral staff were excellent help.

The Holt Family of Chesterfield, VA May 30, 2018

The funeral director was very knowledgeable and kind, and the funeral staff were courteous. The ceremony was nice.

The Thomas Family of Altavista, VA May 16, 2018

Everyone was very professional, helpful, informative and supportive.

The Farmer Family of Rustburg, VA May 01, 2018

Everyone was very attentive and the Funeral Director could not have been more kind and helpful. The funeral staff and facilities were excellent. We did not feel rushed at the graveside at all. Very pleased. Thank You!

Carolyn Willard of Laurel, MD March 26, 2018

The funeral director was very professional and compassionate and the staff was great. Adequate facilities and the lighting was perfect. The ceremony was perfect, the staff met our needs and the family felt comforted by how smoothly everything went. Very pleased with Finch & Finch and would definitely recommend services to family and friends.

Kim Hodges of Lynch Station, VA March 23, 2018

Mom's service was one of the nicest services that I have ever been to. Thank You to everyone involved.

The Frazier Family of Altavista, VA March 09, 2018

Trey was very professional, caring and understanding. The facilities were perfect. Keep up the good work!

Wheeler Family of Forest, VA February 27, 2018

Rob went above and beyond to provide for every need. Very respectful and made our loss and grief easier by taking so much off of us. We will always be thankful and grateful. The facilities were beautiful and very well kept and the Ceremony was very professional and exactly what we wanted.

Geraldine Shelton & Family of Hurt, VA February 27, 2018

"At all times your services are more than professional. Our family has used your services for many, many years and no one does a better job. Our area is fortunate to have someone with your caring and compassionate attitude and facility."

Thelma Booker of Hurt, VA January 19, 2018

"Staff was extremely dignified and helpful in assisting me on a limited budget. The facility was immaculately arranged and convenient and the chair lift at the steps was a plus. I had no doubt that Finch and Finch would provide an adequate service, but the extras provided were most comforting and appreciated."

Elizabeth Cheatham of Lynchburg, VA November 07, 2017

"Local, hometown service, like family, true friends. Service that was truly appreciated. Thank you!"

Wakely Austin of Lynch Station September 29, 2017

"Kind, knowledgeable and took time to let me focus on details. Front receptionist was extremely nice."

Junis Williams of Hurt August 16, 2017

"Rob, you made us feel so comfortable during this most difficult time of our lives. Thank you for your compassion and respect. Thank you for working well with John Ross' brothers at the Altavista Fire Comapny."

The Laronda Family of Massachusetts July 26, 2017

"Finch & Finch has always provided professional services with improvement over the past years. I believe Finch & Finch Funeral Home is number one in the state of Virginia."

Pressley East of Altavista June 30, 2017

"Accomodating, respectful, and knowledgeable. We were appreciative of the care and concern shown to us."

Bonnie Kiger of Lynchburg April 20, 2017

"Everything was very nice."

Barbara Markham of Gladys March 22, 2017

"Everyone was very impressed with Trey - his attention to detail, explanation of order of service to family, etc. Everything was good."

Lori Jefferson of Penhook March 08, 2017

"Trey was very good in helping our family with all the details, we all were very please with his knowledge in this situation. We were very pleased with the care and help of everyone during this tough time for our family!! Thank You"

Ruth Dalton of Lynch Station March 08, 2017

"The funeral director and staff were professional, attentive & courteous. The facilities are top of the line, beautiful and comfortable seating."

Kathy Dodson of Altavista February 10, 2017

"Very professional & friendly. Over the years of attending funerals, Bobby would always look at his watch & comment on the exactness of Finch's timing"

Melba Blanks of Altavista January 15, 2017

"We thank thank thank you so much. God Bless you all and especially your business."

Dana Hodges of Ruckersville December 15, 2016

"Kevin Brown did an excellent job for us. The funeral staff is the best, the facilities are beautiful, the ceremony was amazing. I can't think of anything that would have made things better. Robbie, Trey and Kevin were so helpful."

Carolyn Anderson of Midlothian November 02, 2016

"Very clean facilities; the staff was very caring and made things very easy. Special thanks to Kevin and Sharon they were both very nice, professional and kept contact with me all the way and answered every question in detail."

Tiffany Mattox of Lynch Station September 20, 2016

"Everyone was wonderful to me and family was very impressed with the whole procedure and their helpfulness."

Gail Trent of Evington September 06, 2016

"The entire staff was absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you all so very much!"

Lindsey Moore of Salem August 08, 2016

"Outstanding in every way and a never to be forgotten event"

Margaret Liebchen of Altavista May 07, 2016

"From the funeral director to the staff, facilities and everyone involved our family was satisfied and well pleased with how we were treated and the care and detail given to our mother."

Donald Perkins of Gretna April 10, 2016

"Couldn't have done better. We want to thank you and your staff for all that you did. Rob you all did a great job. Thanks again."

Mattie Wyatt of Gretna March 25, 2016

"Trey Finch was professional, knowledgeable, and he treated our family with kindness and compassion. Kevin and Sharon were helpful and friendly... (Ceremony) Everything was sweet, uplifting, and dignified. Thank you for everything!"

Jo Walters of Charlotte, NC March 16, 2016

"We were very satisfied with every aspect of the funeral arrangements, the director, staff and all concerned. Thanks for being so kind to all of us."

Lillian Elizbeth Epperson of Gladys February 13, 2016

Kevin "...was excellent, very nice. I liked the was he came and told me everything before it happened (step by step)... Thanks everyone for being so nice and friendly."

Cheryl Dutka of Evington January 08, 2016

"Outstanding - Trey was professional, compassionate and attentive to all details. I never felt rushed into making any hasty decisions. He will definitely carry on his family's excellent reputation. Rob helped us with the pre-planning, which was invaluable. As always, he is top notch. All other staff members were #1 on the day of the visitation and service. I can't thank all of you enough for your planning, conferencing and support both before and during Mama's service. I am grateful and humbled."

Joan Woodson of Lynch Station December 04, 2015

"Their is no question about it, you all have always been our funeral home when needed."

Ruth Burns of Hurt November 22, 2015

The Funeral Director "was very nice and explained everything well... The service was beautiful everyone was so nice and everything was carried out just beautifully."

Louise Eades Johnson of Gladys November 03, 2015

"...we could not think of any way Rob could have made it better."

Vivian Mays of Gladys August 24, 2015

"Kevin did an outstanding job. Everyone was very helpful and sincere. The ceremony was excellent - all went as good as it could."

George Mays of Rustburg July 24, 2015

"Bob, Rob, and all staff are always so caring and friendly. The support shown truly does help a family through. Trey was wonderful... All staff are very helpful and supportive. A total "Yes" we can do whatever you want."

Judy Moon of Long Island May 13, 2015

“Finch & Finch serves the area well. I have attended funerals in other states and towns and none are as professional and tuned to detail as Finch & Finch.”

Terry Brooks of Lynch Station January 06, 2015

"Funeral director was very compassionate, very sensitive, extremely professional. Funeral staff was amazing! Facilities were wonderful and clean. Ceremony was very impressive. We couldn't have asked for better service and treatment."

Kaitlin & Jeffrey Critchley of Gretna August 13, 2014

"Trey was wonderful in every way. He was very professional and his work was beyond perfect. He's quite the young man!! Thank you Trey and Robbie for making a sad time much more bearing with you time and talent. I could not ask for more!"

Dale Menzel of Lynchburg May 28, 2014

"Your service was the greatest. Thank You so much!"

Dorothy Farmer of Roanoke April 22, 2014

"We were very pleased with Robbie and all his help in this bad time in our life, a very special thank you, Robbie. Thank you all and God Bless."

Nancy Rowland & Family of Hurt April 01, 2014

"Everyone at Finch and Finch has always been and continue to be wonderful in all you do. Kevin, Trey, the nice lady in the office, everyone is exceptional. Thank you for what you do and how you do it. You are a blessing to us all and Altavista."

Ed & Pam Knight of Glen Allen March 10, 2014

"Finch & Finch is the Best. Trey was most helpful & considerate. I have only good recommendations for him. You're blessed to have a staff of people who are knowledgeable & kind. Thank you so much."

Mildred Farmer of Altavista February 03, 2014

"Perfect - Everything was wonderful. I never felt rushed, taken advantage of. Very caring."

Cindy McLaughlon of Highland Lakes, NJ January 20, 2014

"Very good, Explained everything without pressuring you to go 'top of the line'."

Patricia Kuhrtz of Gretna January 08, 2014